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Transportation from Vilamoura to Lisbon or Faro airport or Hotel is available if booked.

We will provide transportation back to Faro or Lisbon airport / Hotel, to all participants who want to, on Sunday after race at 10:30, arriving at Lisbon airport around 15:30.

If you prefer to get home by yourself there are regular buses from Vilamoura – you can get information from the town council’s website.

Departure from Lisbon will be at 07:30h on Saturday immediately prior to the race.. 

We will travel back to Lisbon on Sunday after the race , leaving Vilamoura around 10:30. The earliest we will get to Lisbon is by 15:30, so please do not book a flight earlier than 17:30.

We will take care of it for you. We will have a van or a truck that will carry your bike box/bag from the Start to the Finish. Please warn us if you are bringing a bike box/bag so we make sure we have enough space for it.

We book the rooms for you for every night during the race (last day included). All these 8 nights are included in the paid entry fee.

Hotels in Lisbon or Oporto (or some other place else) before and after the race are not included. You can use Vila Galé Hotels (http://www.vilagale.com) in Lisbon (Vila Gale Opera) or in Oporto (Vila Galé Porto). These hotels have very special rates for the event. Just mention that you are a participant of Transportugal ROADS.

You are entitled to 8 evening meals from Braga to Vilamoura.

The race philosophy is “hotel-to-hotel”. We believe you suffer enough during the day and deserve a warm shower and comfortable bed at night!

The least possible! You can have your own bag (max capacity 100L) or if you choose to sign the Bag Pack, we will give a race bag to each racer, and this is the only bag the Organization will transport for you during the race. Please remember we will be carrying every rider's bags each day, not just yours! So please take that in consideration and reduce the total weight as much as possible. 

This high quality bag is not returnable. It is yours and a race souvenir.

Nothing. Breakfast is provided in all the hotels each morning and we will book the evening meals for all the riders. Please make sure the organization knows, well in advance, if you have special dietary requirements/allergies.

Please note that it is not always possible to cater for vegetarians who eat neither meat nor fish. This is not common in Portugal and a proper meal without these 2 ingredients can sometimes be very hard to organize. If this is your case you may consider bringing some dietary supplements.

Everything you will need during that stage. In the majority of the days the course does not pass through but tiny villages where you won’t normally find anything to suit your immediate needs, so you should have everything you need with you right from the Start.

The weather in Portugal on those dates is usually mild, nevertheless warm (higher than 25ºC) but cold days (lower than 10ºC) can occur. 

Most probably we will have days of clear skies, however it won’t be much of a surprise if in one or two days we get rain and cold, alternating with showery and cloudy days.

The race goes to altitudes like 2000m in Serra da Estrela, so expect very low temperatures up there and you may need to carry extra clothing as protection for the cold on that particular day.

During the stages there will be one feed-station where you can collect your race-bag with some protein and energy bars, your spare water-bottle.

There will be stages where it is possible to buy food and drinks in the villages the race passes through. However you should plan what to carry on a day by day basis in accordance with the briefing notes given for each stage, the weather forecast and your particular needs.

Next to the Finish Line or in the Hotel, The Organizers will put up a race-shop everyday where you can buy not only energy bars and isotonic drinks, but also others things like; spare tubes, nappy creams, tires, CO2 canisters, tire pumps, racing shirts and shorts, racing socks, recovery drinks, etc.

ATM machines are very abundant in Portugal. Normally every village has at least one. 

The Organizers do not pay for any extras in the hotels. The hotel will have an extras bill per room to be paid in full by the responsible occupants on checking out. Only accommodation, breakfast and dinner is part of the contracted entry pack, everything else is considered an extra.

We ask riders to always have their phone switched on for security reasons. We will never call a participant unless we have an emergency. Many international racers opt to buy a Portuguese SIM card for their phone during the race to avoid the cost of roaming.

You can buy one right off one of the Portuguese Mobile Service Providers in the arrivals hall of the airport.

Yes, in most of the hotels there is either free or paid wifi, or internet access booths in the lobby. In emergency cases you can always ask the Organizers for access codes to join the race mobile internet network.

Please remember that, during the race, all your belongings must be transported inside your race bag. Also take in consideration that the Organizers cannot be held responsible for any damage to whatever electronic or other equipment you carry inside your race bag.

Yes, if your supporters have registered, they will get all the race information paperwork; maps, feed-stations positions, classifications etc. Every day there will be a touristic program set up for them with a designated guide who will drive them to some points of interest along the race route, according to the Supporter Pack you booked.

If your companions have not signed up with us, they can get all the information about the stages in your race documents and follow the race independently.

In both cases, however, it must be remembered that companions cannot provide any assistance to the racers at any point while they are racing - this could lead to the racer being disqualified from the race.

Yes, supporters can join you. If you want them to stay in the same hotel, please let us know when you register, or as soon as possible. We will book hotels and evening meals for all supporters staying at the race hotels and all payments for lodgings and meals must always be made to the Race Organization.



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